1/2" XP WonPad

1/2" XP WonPad
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Product Description

Our XP Series has all the same benefits as our regular WonPad series, but this series offers more cushion and shock absorption. These pads are built with our "XP" neoprene, which measures approx. 1/2" thick before the felt is attached. Choose from 1/4" felt (3/4" total pad thickness) or 1/2" felt (1" total pad thickness).

1/2" felt with 1/2" "XP" neoprene material (1" total thickness). Available only in a 30" x 32", small round style. Choose vent.

Regular Vent - Three vent holes down the spine of the pad. Flex Vent - One 6" wither vent, and 4, 6" cross vents (perpendicular to the spine). The flex vent is designed to fit a higher wither horse (more contoured style).

WONPAD CARE: Our pads are easy to care for. Simply rinse off the underside of the pad with soap and water after each use and the WONPAD will out last any pad on the market. Use this simple tip to prevent spreading of bacteria from horse to horse.