Reducine Absorbent

Reducine Absorbent
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Reducine Absorbent

The first choice of leading trainers, owners and veterinarians in over 40 countries worldwide Features the penetrating and anti-inflammatory properties of iodine and pine tar Helps stimulate blood flow and speed healing after an injury Also helps reduce swelling and pain during recovery 16 oz. can


DIRECTIONS: Do not apply too much Reducine Absorbent at a time; enough to dampen the skin is sufficient. Clip the hair from the part to be treated and rub Reducine Absorbent in well either by hand or with a small stiff brush. Repeat this treatment on succeeding days until the skin shows signs of cracking or scaling. As soon as this is noticed, stop the applications and leave the part entirely alone. Do not use oil or lard as is customary after blistering. If very lame the animal should be turned out in a paddock, or led about by hand for half an hour twice daily. If not, it should be exercised gently every day, but in no case should it be allowed to stand all day in a stable. For ease of application, warm Reducine Absorbent if necessary.