Equine Innovations Hoof Jack: Standard

Equine Innovations Hoof Jack: Standard
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Product Description

Equine Innovations Hoof Jack.

The HoofJack™ is a lightweight, durable hoof stand and cradle. Its base is a patented, extremely durable plastic that has been specifically designed to be stable and lightweight. Each interchangeable insert is constructed of a lightweight aluminum for strength and durability. The post is topped with a noninvasive rubber cap, while the cradle is constructed of a powder-coated aluminum with a durable woven-fabric sling. The inserts are easily adjusted to any height and held firmly in place with the tension knob. Each HoofJack® is accessorised with 2 magnets for keeping track of your nails, rasp or hoof knife.

SPECIAL ORDER ONLY: HoofJack® is available in three other models: Draft Size (1800 lb. +), Combo (which includes both the regular & draft cradle inserts), and Mini(ponies & miniatures). Call for pricing.

Features & Benefits for Farriers, Vets & Horse Owners

- Allows farriers to change shoeing posture without having to drop the foot.

- Takes your mind off you back and knees, and puts it back into your work.

- Can be used in every procedural step of shoeing and trimming.

- Dramatically reduces the risk of getting stuck with a nail.

- The solution for the leaning horse.

- Accommodates older horses with limited range of motion.

- Conforms to each individual hoof shape.