Rain Maker

Rain Maker
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Product Description

Rain Maker

* Advanced-formula hoof dressing that leaves hoofs stronger and more pliable

* Special natural ingredients are combined to give Rain Maker its unique "Triple Action": attraction of moisture to the hoof, absorption of moisture and retention of the moisture once it has been absorbed

* Penetrates deep to improve texture and elasticity

* Enhances color and sheen

* Available in 32 oz. with handy brush cap top

Directions for Use

How To Use Rain Makerô Triple Action Hoof Moisturizer Before applying Rain Maker, be sure the sole and wall of the hoof are clean and dry. Pick out the soles and clefts of the frog to remove any foreign matter.

First, using the handy applicator brush provided, work Rain Maker into the frog, the sole and over the bulbs of the heel. Next, apply to the hoof wall to aid in restoration of the periople (protective coating of the horn), retard moisture loss and give the hoof a natural sheen. Using the applicator brush, also massage Rain Maker into the coronary band to approximately one inch above the hoof wall. Repeat treatment as needed. Most hoofs respond favorably to an application once or twice a week.