3 in 1 De-icer

3 in 1 De-icer
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Product Description

The DT15 3 in 1 De-icer incorporates multiple temperature sensors to monitor water temperature as well as protect against over-temperature conditions. Traditional de-icers use one sensor to monitor both water and heater temperatures. By requiring one sensor to do double duty, the water may be heated more than necessary. With the use of multiple sensors, the DT15 3 in 1 De-icer improves temperature control while keeping the tank completely ice free. The sturdy, finned aluminum base spreads the heat out to make the DT Series run cooler to the touch while putting the maximum amount of heat into the water. The unit can be safely operated in any plastic or metal tank without the use of a guard.

The DT15 3 in 1 De0icer can be converted from a floating to a sinking de-icer by simply removing the cover and t float and turning the unit upside down to rest on the bottom of the tank. Sturdy fee support the unit off the tank bottom when operating as a sinking de-icer.

Features: Easily converts between a sinker, floater, or drain-plug de-icer. Durable aluminum base. Energy Efficient - keeps entire tank ice-free without overheating the water. Multiple thermostat control. Large, finned base runs cooler than conventional de-icers. Safe in plastic tanks. Heavy duty anti-chew protector.