Kerckhaert Steel Triumph, Hind

Kerckhaert Steel Triumph, Hind
Item# khtriumphhind
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Product Description

Kerckhaert Steel Triumph, Hind, priced per pair.

The Triumph, a shoe design with a crease in the toe, is being used for additional traction. It has good width and thickness for protection and the beveled design allows for good break over. Front and hind shapes, and options for clips make it user friendly.

◾Triumph steel series is considered the premier shoe for a variety of disciplines ◾Kerckhaert has added additional thickness in sizes 0 - 3 ◾Excellent front and hind shape and steeper bevel in toe provides good breakover and less chance of slipping ◾Sole relief and good heel support ◾Clipped version offers all of the features of the unclipped Steel Triumph ◾ Clips provide additional security and less stress on the nails ◾Shoes are symmetrical