Applicator Gun for "Pour On"

Applicator Gun for "Pour On"
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Product Description

The Prima Pour on Gun is a durable applicator designed for use with Pour on medications. The shower nozzle avoids wastage from splashing and is angled allowing the operator easier access to the animal.

Features of the Pour On Gun: Shower nozzle - "Anti-Splash" system that avoids wastage of product and under dosing. Angled nozzle - makes it easier to use in chutes and in dosing large animals. Soft tubing - stays flexible and does not become brittle in cold weather, does not kink or catch on objects while in use. Gun barrel fills completely after each shot then pushes from the back- When treating a mixture of ages and weights the operator can change from a large dose to a smaller dose without wasting product Large finger wheel dose selector- easy to see with 2 mL increments all the way from 10 ml to 70 mL Large 12 mL inlet spigot allows fitting of larger hose to ensure faster fill times and speed up the treatments.