3cc Syringe w/ Poly Hub Needle

3cc Syringe w/ Poly Hub Needle
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Product Description

3cc Syringe w/ Poly Hub Needle

Sterile Disposable Plastic Syringes

Ideal’s disposable syringes are made specifically for the animal health industry. The syringes are offered in Premium Hard Packs. Ideal syringes feature a clear polypropylene barrel and large easy to read graduations to help minimize dosing errors. The combos offer ultra-sharp needles and are ISO color coded to indicate gauge for easy identification.

Syringes are manufactured with a delivery design that is smooth and accurate. •Positive plunger stop allows for maximum filling and eliminates costly spills. •Tapered plunger shaft permits one-hand operation. •Reinforced tip reduces breakage. •Tri-Seal O-Ring reduces leakage and provides accuracy

Instructions For Use: 1.Remove the syringe from its pack. 2.Secure needle to syringe by twisting needle sheath clockwise.