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Product Description

THERABLOAT® (poloxalene) Drench Concentrate


THERABLOAT® is a drench concentrate containing poloxalene for treatment of bloat in cattle.

Approved Uses

THERABLOAT is approved for: •The treatment of legume (alfalfa, clover) bloat in cattle. Key Features

•Relieves legume bloat within minutes.

•Contains the surfactant poloxalene, an anti-foaming agent that works by collapsing gas bubbles that cause bloat.

•May be used in lactating animals.

•Provided in concentrated form for easy handling.

•Bloat therapy can be cost-effective when preventing death loss from severe bloat, and when superior gains of cattle grazing improved alfalfa/clover pastures are compared with results of grazing pure grass pastures. Packaging

2-fl oz (59.1-mL) vial containing 25 g of poloxalene per fl oz

Dosage and Administration

For animals up to 500 lb, use 1 fl oz of THERABLOAT Drench Concentrate. For animals over 500 lb, use 2 fl oz.

Directions for Preparing Drench: Add the proper amount of concentrate to 1 pint of water. Mix well and administer, using a drenching bottle. If a stomach tube is to be used, add concentrate to 1 gallon of water.


•Not for use in humans.

•Keep out of reach of children.

•For use in animals only.

•For oral use only—not for injection.

•Restricted drug (California)—Use only as directed.

•For veterinary use only.