Dr Naylor Blu-Kote

Dr Naylor Blu-Kote
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Product Description

Dr. Naylor® Veterinary Blu-Kote® antiseptic protective wound dressing is effective against both bacterial and fungal infections in dogs and horses. The germicidal and fungicidal spray also dries up blisters and pox-like scabby sores or lesions. The can features a locking spray cap.

The medication penetrates deep and dries quickly for long-lasting treatment.

Effectively Treats: •Fungal Infections •Ringworm •Surface Wounds •Cuts •Galls •Hoof-foot and Pad Sores •Chafes •Abrasions •Moist or Scabby Lesions •Itchy Fungus Eczema •Sores

Dosage and Administration: Clean and dry the affected area thoroughly before spraying. Scrub and remove the scale and scab on ringworm before the first application. Shake well. Remove the protective cap. Hold upright. Point the nozzle opening toward the lesion and spray from a distance of 4-8 inches. Only a light application is needed. Repeat once or twice a day or as indicated until healing occurs.

Note: Do not spray in eyes. Do not use on cats.

Contents: 128 grams

Always Read & Follow Label Directions.