Strategy GX

Strategy GX
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Product Description

Now with Outlast® Gastric Support Supplement!

Designed for all ages and lifestyles.

One diet. Multiple lifestyles. Strategy® GX Professional Formula horse feed is as simple and as complex as that. Simple, because the perfected-over-time formula provides 100% of the required protein, vitamins and minerals for a wide variety of horses in your barn, when fed as directed.* While there will always be individual horses with specialized nutrition and management needs, Strategy® GX meets the nutritional needs of the vast majority of horses with a single formulation. So even when your horses are in different stages of breeding or development and varying levels of performance, Strategy® GX delivers complex, balanced nutrition in a simplified feeding program.

Complex, because over the past 12+ years, Purina Animal Nutrition Center researchers have fed Strategy® GX almost 20,000 times in feeding trials and research studies to optimize palatability, growth, exercise performance, and manufacturing quality. The results and resulting optimizations make Strategy® GX the unbeatable formula it is today.

In 1991, Strategy® Professional Formula GX horse feed revolutionized horse nutrition by becoming the first commercial pelleted feed created for horses of all ages and lifestyles. Over 1 billion feedings later, it is still the gold standard in convenience and value for horse professionals.

Feed Form: All Pellets

Recommended For: Strategy® Professional Formula GX is for any horse, at any life stage. Maintenance, growing, breeding and performance horses.

FEATURES BENEFITS A BETTER VALUE Highly Digestible Ingredients—provides nutrient density and supports proper digestion Nutritionally Balanced—eliminates the need for expensive supplements and time-consuming mixing Pelleted Feed Form—prevents sorting, reduces waste and improves stability during storage

MORE CONVENIENT One convenient professional formulation for all your horses without compromising on nutrition Pellets are easy to transport, feed and store Consistently Fresh, Quality Natural Ingredients—appeals to even finicky horses for consistent intake

HELPS BREEDING HORSES THRIVE Keeps breeding stallions on a high nutrition plane Enhanced Amino Acids--supports fetal development and milk production in brood mares Multiple Sources of Energy and Muscle Fuel—supports the energy of lactating mares and breeding stallions Added Copper, Calcium, Phosphorus, Selenium and Key Vitamins—helps pregnant mares develop healthy foals

PROMOTES STRONG GROWTH Added Vitamins & Minerals—helps promote development of strong bones, tendons and muscles Quality Protein—optimizes muscle growth and development in young growing horses Multiple Sources of Energy and Muscle Fuel—supports the energy needs of growing horses while providing fewer calories from starch

HORSES CAN LOOK AND FEEL BETTER Multiple Sources of Energy—promotes a more level temperament and may help minimize or avoid digestive disturbances in horses on higher grain diets High Levels of Polyunsaturated Oils—helps improve overall appearance and body condition for shinier, healthier looking horses Controlled Starch and Sugar—may help reduce the risk of adverse health effects caused by the management error of overfeeding

TOP PERFORMANCE HORSES More Calories Coming from Fats and Fiber than Traditional Grain Mixes—may provide a calming effect in some horses Quality Protein with Enhanced Amino Acids—helps performance horses recover from exercising and training Added Copper, Calcium, Phosphorus, Selenium and Key Vitamins—supports proper physiological functions in working and performance horses Multiple Sources of Energy and Muscle Fuel—helps build stamina and endurance to enhance your horse’s ability to perform

Strategy® Professional Formula GX horse feed

Feeding Directions With Hay or Pasture Start with the amounts given for the weight and class of the horse. After observing the horse for a period of time, the amount fed may be increased or decreased by 10% to obtain the desired body condition and weight. More specific recommendations may also be obtained from a Purina Mills representative. Please consult the tag sewn onto this bag for complete feeding recommendations.