Aquamax Grower 600

Aquamax Grower 600
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Product Description

Aquamax Grower 600 in a 50 pound bag

Whether you are growing fish or other aquatics for your personal enjoyment or business, Purina® Aquatics products will help you achieve your goals.

The pleasures that a pond bring are numerous. Whether you fish, boat or simply enjoy a quiet walk at the water’s edge, you probably already know that your pond is a living part of the natural landscape.

You, however, may not know that you can play a vital role in enhancing the vibrancy of that life. By taking the time to understand the basic dynamics of your pond’s health, you can gain valuable insights that will protect this treasured resource and improve upon it.

The Purina Fish/Aquatics web site will help you gain a basic understanding of current pond and fish management techniques that will help ensure that your pond will remain alive and thriving for many years to come.