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Boc-Loc® Brisket Tags

The Boc-Loc® is made of EVA, a non-rigid plastic. The metal hasp is covered to prevent infection, and it cannot rust.

The numbers on the tag are hot melted into the tag, allowing for years of easy-reading service. The Boc-Loc® brisket tag is the most unique tag available to the cattle industry. It is the only truly permanent, easily visible tag, functional from day old, till the cow is sold.

It is not uncommon for Boc-Loc® brisket tags to last from 10 to 12 years. This makes it the best tag available for your breeding stock. The Boc-Loc® tag is extremely popular in Canada and the Upper Midwest of the United States, and is also sold in Great Britain. The popularity of the tag is growing in other portions of the United States.

The Boc-Loc® tag can be put on an animal as young as 1 day old; then no adjustment to the tag is ever necessary as the animal grows. Located in the brisket, an area with few nerves in the skin, it can be put on with minimal discomfort to the animal. The tag is always visible and will not snag, and does not require any chain or rope to stay attached.

•Available in 8 Colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White and Yellow

•Easy to read numbers. •No adjustments needed as cow grows. •No chain or rope required. •Metal hasp covered to prevent infection.