Felt Only Pads

Felt Only Pads
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Felt Only Pad

1" MSRP $124.95

1/2" MSRP $114.95

Our 1" & 1/2" FELT ONLY PADS have 3/4" length wear leathers that are sewn to the felt on both sides (assorted brown colors). Our most popular size is a 30" x 30" (30" wide by 30" long), with square corners, and a regular vent. The FELT PADS also come in a 30" x 32" size.

Regular Vent - Three vent holes down the spine of the pad.

Flex Vent - One 6" wither vent, and 4, 6" cross vents (perpendicular to the spine). The flex vent is designed to fit a higher wither horse (more contoured style).