S50 Solar Fence Energizer

S50 Solar Fence Energizer
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Product Description

S50 Solar Fence Energizer

The S50 powers up to 80 acres / 25 miles of single wire electric fence. It can be used in permanent electric fencing, where there is no access to 110v power and also for portable, short term livestock control.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Single Wire, No Vegetation: 25 miles / 80 acres​

​​​​​​​​​​Multiwire, Typical Vegetation:​ 5 miles​ / 30 acres

0.5 Stored Joules​​​​ ​

​​​​Fully self-sufficient using solar power to charge internal battery – no external power supply required

Can be used for both permanent and portable electric fencing as it can be mounted on a wall or post

Large rotary dial makes it easy to check Energizer is on from a distance

Energy saving Automatic Night Save mode to extend battery life

Designed for outdoor use with impact resistant plastic lens helps protect the solar panel prolonging Energizer life

Easy to see, green LED confirmation that fence is working normally

12V rechargeable battery and fence leads included

•Designed to operate outdoors in most weather conditions •0.5 Joules of stored low impedance power that allows the user to power up to 30 acres/5 miles of multi-wire fence. •The S50 automatically runs a night mode where by the pulse rate is lengthened while animals are more subdued. This will extend the battery life and maintain good voltage on the fence during daylight hours. •Can be mounted on a wall, on a T-Post, or can sit on the ground giving the user the ability to use the unit for permanent or portable fencing. •Large rotary dial makes it simple for switching the unit on and off. •Impact resistant plastic lens helps protect the solar panel. •LED light flashes with each pulse to indicate that the unit is working.