Wood Post Claw Insulator

Wood Post Claw Insulator
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Product Description

Wood Post Claw Insulator (Previously: Wooden Post Insulator)

•The new W insulator from Gallagher has an impressive 25% increase in strength and a 35% increase in clearance from the post ensuring that wires will not detach from the posts even in the harshest farming environment. •Brand NEW design. •Bigger and stronger than ever before. •Large heavy duty shield prevents pulse arcing and minimises power leakage. •Large clearance from wire to post to ensure no power leakage. •Made from UV resistant, polyethylene plastic for strength and long life. •Extra strength jaws to withstand large horizontal and vertical forces. •Open face reduces adherence of dust and algae and minimise wire corrosion. •Note: Leave staple loose to allow for expansion and contraction of plastic.