Smoked Knuckle Bone

Smoked Knuckle Bone
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Product Description

Meaty Knuckle Bones

Smokehouse Knuckle Bones are 100% natural and cut from the end of our Mammoth Bones. A large bone that is full of meat and bursting with flavor. Best suited for medium to large dogs. It is sure to offer your dog hours of long-lasting enjoyment!

It may be a little ugly, but your dog will fall instantly in love with a Smoky Knuckle Bone. Made from U.S.-raised, grass-fed livestock, this delectable treat will keep your dog busy and happy for a long, long time.

*Remember to always supervise your dog when chewing.

Features: •Made in the USA

•Real, USDA-approved beef bone •Rich, smoky flavor Promotes healthy teeth and strong jaws •Prevents plaque and tartar buildup to reduce bad breathSatisfies the instinct to chew, eliminating boredom and relieving stress or frustration •Counter pressure relieves teething pain in young dogs and teaches positive chewing behavior •Provides calcium as your dog chewsFor medium to large dogs

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