L & H Branding Irons

L & H Branding Irons
Item# landhirons

Product Description

Bring in your State Issued brand card and let us order your custom iron. Electric, Fire Heated or Freeze Brand.

L & H Manufacturing Company is recognized nationally as the leader in this field. L & H makes the most complete line of livestock branders with thousands of satisfied users all over the world. Reduce the chance of loss and theft of your livestock. Mark them permanently with an L & H Brander. All L & H Electric Branders are custom made to meet your exact specifications. Available in many designs of letters and numbers.

Submit brand card or drawing of brand desired showing actual size and design when ordering and specify if letters are to be 2", 2 1/2", 3", 3 1/2", or 4" in height. Designs of branders cannot be changed after the brander is completed.

*Extension Handle $15.00, 12" Extension Total length 22" *Characters over 4" in height add $10.00 per iron *220 Volt add $24.00 per iron *20' Cord add $14.00 per iron