Ray Holes Chap Wax

Ray Holes Chap Wax
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Ray Holes Chap Wax 6 oz.

Since 1942 CHAP WAX has proven itself to be the finest natural wax waterproofing, and the solution for those looking for a waterproofing to care for all their fine top-grained leather products.

CHAP WAX provides that extra, needed protection from rain, snow, mud and other barnyard elements. Use CHAP WAX on 'leaky' chaps and chinks, quilted saddle seats, boots, shoes and other leathers needing protection and added life. CHAP WAX provides a moisture shield and does not soften leathers. CHAP WAX can also be applied over Saddle Butter for added protection.

CHAP WAX® and DRi-BOOT® —amazing leather waterproofing for people who wear their leather boots and chaps in harsh weather. CHAP WAX® and DRi-BOOT® lasts longer than grease and can be used repeatedly to re-water proof without causing the leather to become spongy or stretch out of shape.

CHAP WAX® and DRi-BOOT® — are the same product, two labels. Many retailers will carry both. Cowboy customers will pick up a jar of CHAP WAX® in the tack section of their favorite saddle shop. Hikers, bikers and hunters will choose DRi-BOOT® in the footwear department.

CHAP WAX® and DRi-BOOT® are a favorite weatherproofing for working cowboys, bikers, loggers, linemen, fire fighters, hunters and hikers.CHAP WAX® is a blend of waxes including the hard Brazilian carnauba wax—an expensive wax that resists water and wear. These waxes, blended with other rich ingredients, create a long-lasting leather waterproofing that protects all leather goods in adverse weather conditions. Yet, CHAP WAX® and DRi-BOOT® let the leather breathe to last longer and give you extra comfort. Ideal when you depend on your leather footwear and gear to protect you from adverse weather conditions.

All Ray Holes Leather Care Products are still handmade by the Holes family. Our leather waterproofing products CHAP WAX® and DRi-BOOT® are made in small batches with the original 1938 recipe of "The Saddle Maker's Saddle Maker," Ray E. Holes.

Using CHAP WAX® and DRi-BOOT® to Waterproof Your Leather

Apply warm CHAP WAX® to clean, dry leather. Use one or more coats, depending on weather conditions. Additional wax should be applied to stitching areas as stitching is a prime place for moisture to penetrate.

CHAP WAX® is most effectively applied in a warm room. Heat, such as the warmth of your hands, sunshine, or warm air from a blow dryer will help CHAP WAX® penetrate deep into the leather.

Use caution. Leather is easily damaged by excess heat.

CHAP WAX® can be applied to leather, after conditioning with SADDLE BUTTER® for additional waterproofing treatment.