Ray Holes Vaquero Rawhide Cream

Ray Holes Vaquero Rawhide Cream
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Vaquero Rawhide Cream®

Second-Generation Saddle Maker Gerald Ray Holes created Vaquero Rawhide Cream® in the 1970's to clean, soften and preserve rawhide reins, bosals, reatas, hondos and other rawhide buckaroo gear.

Even though it's our newest leather care product, (Saddle Butter® was created by Ray Holes in 1936,) Vaquero Rawhide Cream® is a top seller worldwide. Leather lovers have found a growing list of uses for this refined, light leather and rawhide dressing. It's perfect to clean, preserve and condition: rawhide tack, saddle strings, Western, English and Paso Fino saddles, car seats, brief cases, purses, and exotic leather boots.

Cleaning Rawhide Reins with VAQUERO RAWHIDE CREAM®

Use a soft brush to remove buildup of dirt, dried sweat, hair, etc. ◾Lather on a light coat Vaquero Rawhide Cream® with a little warm water. (Water temperature: if you can put your hand in the water, it's safe for cleaning rawhide. Up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.) ◾Don't immerse the rawhide in water. ◾Where the rawhide braid crosses you can use a soft brush (tooth brush or nail brush) to work out the dirt. ◾Rinse off with warm water. ◾Wipe dry with a towel. ◾Hang reins and let rawhide air dry in the shade. ◾Do not dry rawhide in the sun or with direct heat.

Conditioning with Vaquero Rawhide Cream® ◾After rawhide is dry, apply a light coat of Vaquero Rawhide Cream® with a soft cloth, sheep skin swatch or with your hand. ◾Using your hand to apply Vaquero Rawhide Cream® works well. The warmth of your hand helps distribute and penetrate the rawhide cream.

Really, Really Important: It's best to use a light coat of Vaquero Rawhide Cream® and add more later, if needed. It's not possible to tell how much of this rich dressing is being absorbed until the next day. ◾Let reins hang straight overnight. ◾Next day: Work in any excess conditioner with your hands, then buff with a soft, clean cloth or sheep skin swatch to remove any conditioner that isn't absorbed into rawhide. ◾Apply more light coats of Vaquero Rawhide Cream® until reins are the softness you want.

Everyday Maintenance of Rawhide Reins Nothing will get rawhide reins perfectly clean. ◾After each ride, gently wipe off the buildup of dirt/sweat/hair/etc. with a soft cloth. ◾If there is visible dirt and sweat, you can use warm water and a light lather of Vaquero Rawhide Cream® to clean — just be sure to let the rawhide slowly dry out of the sun after cleaning. ◾Apply a light coat of Vaquero Rawhide Cream® after cleaning to replenish and condition the rawhide.