Saddle Butter

Saddle Butter
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Ray Holes Saddle Butter 14 oz

Since its creation in 1936, SADDLE BUTTER® has remained the finest leather care product available. SADDLE BUTTER® replaces the natural oils in leather.

SADDLE BUTTER® excels in protecting leather from its three worst enemies: sun, wet weather, and sweat. This fine leather dressing combines the original saddle maker's recipe of PURE® neatsfoot oil, bees wax and Brazilian carnauba wax. ◾ Waterproofs and Conditions to create and maintain the mellow feeling you desire in old or new leather. As a plus, SADDLE BUTTER® gives a superb waterproofing with its mix of natural waxes which buff to a soft, hand-rubbed finish when dry. ◾ Perfect for all fine, top-grained leather tack. Made of the finest natural ingredients, SADDLE BUTTER® is as close to neutral as possible. It causes little or no discoloration of leather.

Using SADDLE BUTTER® to Protect Your Leather

Protecting your best leather with SADDLE BUTTER® is a quick and easy process.

STEP 1: Clean your leather item before applying the protective layer of SADDLE BUTTER®. We recommend using warm water with a small amount pure glycerin soap.

STEP 2: For best results, apply in a warm location. Use a soft clean cloth or your hands to apply an even coating of SADDLE BUTTER®. Let your leather sit for up to 8 hours after the application until the SADDLE BUTTER® is completely penetrated into the leather.

STEP 3: Buff the SADDLE BUTTER®, using a clean cloth or woolskin, to desired shine.