Special Order Meat Birds

Special Order Meat Birds
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Dunlap Hatchery:

Cornish Cross are the primary bird for meat production. To insure you the best meat bird available, all our White Cornish hatching eggs come from large commercial farms in Arkansas. These birds can be butchered as early as 6 weeks. Males will dress out at 4 to 5 lbs at 7 weeks with females dressing the same weight at 8 weeks of age. We recommend restricting their diet after 1 week of age. Let them go 10 to 12 hours without food at night.

Red Ranger: We have added, what we feel is, the red broiler of the future. The Red Ranger, developed by S & G Poultry, puts the competition to shame. They have a great growth rate with impressive feed conversion and livability. This bird has a 70% live to dress weight yield. The breast meat on a long keel is in natural proportion to the leg meat. Rangers are yellow skinned. Their legs will not break down. This bird is an excellent choice for organic and free range operations. They can handle extreme temperatures and lay a large brown egg. The roosters weigh 4 to 5 lbs at eight weeks and average 8 lbs at 12 weeks.

Turken (Naked Necks): They may not be the most elegant looking bird, but are often regarded as the premier eating bird because of their superior meat texture and very thick skin, which crisps to perfection when roasted. They come in a variety of colors and lay large brown eggs.