UPTITE® Poultice

UPTITE® Poultice
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Product Description

UPTITE® Poultice 4.25 kgs/ 9.5 lbs

UPTITE® fast relief from heat& swelling and soreness.

UPTITE® Poutice is a 24 hour, two-purpose poultice which provides fast, soothing, cooling action. Recommended as a leg tightener in treatment of soreness, heat and inflammation of the legs and tendons. Uptight Poultice may also be used as a general antiseptic for thrush, gravel, cuts, burns, abrasions, boils and other staphylococcus infections. Thoroughly tested and proven to be safe and reliable. You’ll see a difference – helps keep animals sound, speeds recovery and prevents infection. Made with pure spring water. Contains aluminum silicate blended with montmorillonites and biborate of soda. Just a little goes a long way. Easily removed with water.

Horse racing, show jumping, dressage, three-day eventing, competitive driving, polo, endurance riding, gimkana, rodeos, fox hunting. All diverse range of sports requires specialized skills and different athletic talents from horses and riders. In every variety of sporting competitions the importance of the feet and legs is just critical. UPTITE® is a unique, two purpose preparation that is highly recommended for use on the legs and feet of your animals. This preparation contains active ingredients which aid in producing a fast relief from swelling and soreness.

UPTITE® is made with pure spring water "and it makes the difference" UPTITE® is a fast, non-irritating and non toxic relief



UPTITE a 24 hours poultice, non-irritating and non-toxic.

RECOMMENDED USE As a leg tightener and temporary relief from heat, swelling of the legs, soreness, cuts, burns, abrasions. As a general purpose to prevent common infections.

PREVENTIVE USE: For Legs - After training, apply the preparation sparingly on knees, fetlocks, hocks, and tendons, moistening the area previously. In severe cases apply liberally to the area, when it is wet; cover with moistened brown paper and cotton bandage. Remove eaisly with water after 12-24 hours and repeat as necessary.

For Feet - Apply a thin layer as an aid in maintaining moisture in the frog, solar surface and hoof wall.

Used every day on fetlock joints, UPTITE® helps relieve swelling caused by wind gall. Used on curbs, minor quarter cracks, heat and shin soreness, it promotes an excellent healthy tightener. In all cases, UPTITE® is applied in a more sparingly manner than a conventional clay which means a longer life and an easy removal with water.

CAUTION: The area has to be thoroughly free from any chemical or foreign substance.