Z-Tag Applicator

Z-Tag Applicator
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Product Description

The Tags That Stay In.™

Z Tags One-Piece Tag Applicator

The Tags That Stay In.™

•Comes equipped with a spare "pin" inside handle

Designed for Fast, Easy and Foolproof Operation •No bent or broken pins, get in and out of the ear before the animal reacts •Easier to load and operate than conventional applicators •Flip-out pin eliminates ripped and torn ears •Promotes quicker healing with less risk of infection or disease transfer •Lightweight, yet durable for trouble-free use

Retention Starts with Application!

Most tags are lost because of poor application, improper placement, or environmental threats such as twine or brush. To ensure the best retention of your Z Tags use only the Z Tags applicator when applying.

Z Tags Important Tag Application Tips

•Make a precise incision – NOT a puncture wound. This is critical for proper healing and retention. •Always make a NEW hole. Applying tags into holes from previous tags will prevent proper healing causing the tag to snag or fall out of the ear. •Avoid penetrating cartilage and blood vessels. •Always use clean equipment to avoid disease transfer